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Post-Graduate Diploma in Medical Dosimetry

The curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to work in the care of cancer patients as Medical Dosimetrists. The curriculum provides instruction to enable the participant to become a member of the radiation oncology team. The curriculum content includes specific coursework to provide classroom and direct clinical experience to train the student in the fundamentals of medical dosimetry practice using current technology, tools and techniques. Students will participate in studies related to the role of the Medical Dosimetrist and professional ethics, radiation oncology anatomy, treatment planning, dose calculations, clinical oncology, brachytherapy, dosimetry physics, radiation protection, quality assurance and computer applications.

The Medical Dosimetry student will have the opportunity to perform clinical training at the following sites: Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals AND Mpilo General Hospital Radiotherapy centres.

The mission of the Post-Graduate Diploma Radiotherapy Dosimetry Program Zimbabwe is to provide a program of excellence in medical dosimetry that is designed to prepare qualified dosimetrists through a wide range of academic and clinical experiences using state-of-the-art technology used in for cancer treatment.


Programme Recognition for Example Professional Body (ies)

The programme is designed so that a qualified student will achieve international standards of training in Medical Dosimetry. The Allied Health Practitioners council of Zimbabwe will provide registration for the qualified Medical Dosimetrist in Zimbabwe.


Educational Aims of the Programme


Programme Objectives

Students will be able to:


Programme Structure and Admissions

Post graduate Diploma in Medical Dosimetry requires three (3) semesters over a period of 18 months full time study. Each academic year (part) is divided into two semesters, with each semester being fifteen weeks long including examination time. 


Entry Qualifications

Programme Application Requirements