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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering - Academic Programmes

School of Engineering & Technology

The department offers innovative and robust undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the following areas:

Bachelor of Technology (Honours) Degree Programme in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

The programme is designed to provide a broadly based education in the principle and practice of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Honours Degree level. The primary aim of the programme is to produce graduates of high calibre who possess thorough knowledge of scientific principles and engineering practice and an appreciation of industrial and business environment in which the professional engineer works.

An Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer is capable of improving a company’s overall productivity by designing, installing, operating and maintaining integrated systems of people, equipment, material, information and energy.


Industrial Engineering

The curriculum provides education in each of the basic functional areas of industrial engineering: that is engineering management, ergonomics, systems engineering, and operations research. Students are individually advised and counselled to choose electives to broaden their education and to emphasize subjects of interest.

Courses are available in systems simulation, operations research, industrial management, ergonomics and safety, manufacturing information systems, quality assurance, project evaluation, automated factory concepts, product and process engineering, computer control of manufacturing equipment, advanced manufacturing technologies, robotics and design and analysis of manufacturing systems. The curriculum is augmented by an industrial engineering assembly held once each semester in which engineers from industry are invited to speak about topics of current interest to the profession.


Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering is a discipline which focuses on the process of conversion of raw materials to finished products. Graduates of this program have a strong background in the use of computers in integrating phases of a manufacturing enterprise. Manufacturing subjects covered in the curriculum include: computer aided manufacturing, engineering materials, ergonomics, facilities layout and design, industrial simulation, manufacturing processes, manufacturing information systems, product and process engineering, and statistical process control. The program culminates with a team project to design and implement a working manufacturing system to mass-produce a product.


Programme Objectives

After studying a degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, one will be able to:


Entry Qualifications

Entry requirements for acceptance to this programme are:


Graduate Competencies

An Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer is capable of:


Graduate Attributes

After completing the Bachelor of Technology Honours Degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, graduates should possess the following attributes.


Career Prospects

The graduate can start his/her own world class Hi-tech manufacturing enterprise. IME graduates have become a source of talent working in industries such as: Manufacturing, Production, Energy, Automotive, Mines, Logistics, Petrochemical, Hospitals, Banking, Insurance, Food and beverages etc.

The graduate can get employed as a:


Programme Structure (4 Years)

The programme is a full time course of study to honours degree level and is structured to be delivered over four years. It gives approximately 3700 hours student contact time as described below:


Master of Technology Degree in Renewable Energy

The MTech degree programme presents the student with the design, innovation, analytical and research techniques hence providing the student henceforth with the skills required to create, develop and manage renewable energy systems.


Programme Objectives

The main objective of this programme is to train engineers and researchers in the area of renewable energy by providing them with core skills and knowledge needed in solving the practical challenges facing the energy industry and the community in general with regard to energy development, provision and utilization through:


Master of Technology Degree in Engineering Design

The MTech programme presents the student with the design, innovation, analytical and research techniques hence providing the student with the skills required to develop, and commercialise engineering designs. The master’s degree programme in Engineering Design offers specializations in Industrial and Machine Design Technologies. The programme aims to provide in-depth knowledge in design related areas such as geometric modelling, mechanics, tool design and design analysis.


Programme Objectives