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Finance Department

Financial Directorate

The Financial Director who is the Chief Financial Officer of the Institute heads this key office.    The primary role of this office is to safeguard the funds and assets of the Institute.    This office report to the Vice Chancellor and the Institute Board for the overall organization, administration and management of the Institute’s accounting function. The Financial Directorate is split into two major functions headed by Deputy Financial Directors. Accounting Services and Treasury as well as Planning and Control.

Accounting and Treasury Services

This section is responsible for the following services:

Salaries and Staff Benefit

This section is charged with managing employment cost and obligations in liaison with Human Resources Department.  The focus areas are:

Student Accounts and Debtors

This section is responsible for all students’ financial matters and offers the following services:

Budgeting, Budgetary Control and Management Accounting

This is the main financial planning unit of the Institute charged with preparation and consolidation of budgets.   It performs the following functions:

Risk and Asset Management

This Unit is responsible for the safe custody of the Institute’s assets and performs the following functions:


Procurement and Supplies Logistics

This section administer the procurement regulations of the Institute and the following are the key functions: