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Zimbabwe International Research Symposium 9th Edition Book of Proceedings

New Books

New books
About HIT The Harare Institute of Technology Library is organised into one central on-site library covering all academic disciplines represented at the Institute. A more spacious state of the art library on campus is currently under construction.

We have an appreciable collection of books in various technological areas adequate for undergraduate and postgraduate research. We have embraced Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by subscribing to important academic journals available online through the International Network of the Availability of Scientific Publication’s PErii project and automating the library processes and services.

The main remit of the library is to provide students and scholars of the Institute with literature and information for academic teaching, learning and scientific research.

We strive to provide quality services, resources and life long learning opportunities through books and a variety of other formats to meet the informational, educational and research needs and other interests of the Institute. We also strive to be a forum for all points of view and adhere to the principle of unlimited access to information. We will always endeavor to be so tuned into the people we serve that we are able to provide highly responsive services that enable pursuance of independent thoughts or any direction of thought.

Our library is dedicated to the needs of its user community, advocates and supports for appropriate technologies and the commitment of its staff to its clients and the very highest ideals of a library service.

We believe that the collections we are building, the access we are providing and would like to provide and the technologies we have and will continue to embrace will carry the community at Harare Institute of Technology into a productive future and make HIT Library a focal point for technological information for manpower development in the country and beyond.

The library is the integral of the Institute’s intellectual life, deeply rooted in and responsive to our community. The library provides free and equal access to information, knowledge and ideas, promotes personal enrichment and life long learning. The library strives to ensure quality service through positive human connections and an inviting environment.