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CPSE Conducts Nanotechnology Training

Over 35 participants attended the two intensive short training courses on Fundamentals of Nanoscience; and Nanotechnology convened by the department of Chemical and Process Systems Engineering. The two courses were held from 7 - 8 June, and 13 – 15 June 2018 respectively.

CPSE Conducts Nanotechnology TrainingParticipants were drawn from local high school STEM teachers, lecturers from technical and polytechnic colleges, and industry.

Addressing participants at the official opening ceremony, Dean in the School of Engineering and Technology, Eng. Perkins Muredzi said the training programmes will enable them to have a comprehensive understanding of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, as well as a practical appreciation of its applications. "Nanotechnology is an emerging science which is expected to have rapid and strong future developments. It is predicted to contribute significantly to economic growth and job creation in Zimbabwe and the region in the coming decades," he said.

The two short courses offered participants the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of materials and their properties at the atomic and nanometer scales,- including an understanding of the intimate relationship between the scale and the properties of materials. It also offered practical skills in synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials, current applications and state of the art technologies within nanoscience and nanotechnology including toxicity of nanostructured materials; as well as exposing participants to the potential applications of nanotechnology in process and product improvements.

The training programmes also aimed to strengthen research and innovation in nanotechnology within universities, research institutions and industry, as well as enhancing local and international collaboration among stakeholders involved in nanotechnology activities including the generation of Intellectual Property (IP) from this emerging technology.

The training courses were conducted by Eng. P. Muredzi, and Mr Tatenda Madzokere, a lecturer in the Chemical and Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) department. The two trainers are currently collaborating on publishing two books entitled "A Revision Texbook for Advanced Level Chemistry" (with fine details of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) and a "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Textbook" for use in institutions of higher learning to improve awareness of nanoscience and nanotechnology in Zimbabwe. A clarion call emerging from the training programmes was engagement of relevant policy makers on the importance of embracing nanotechnology, and the need to conduct more training courses for Chemistry teachers in Zimbabwe.

CPSE Conducts Nanotechnology TrainingCPSE Conducts Nanotechnology Training CPSE Conducts Nanotechnology Training CPSE Conducts Nanotechnology Training CPSE Conducts Nanotechnology Training CPSE Conducts Nanotechnology Training