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Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe Installed as HIT First Vice Chancellor

Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe Installed as HIT First Vice ChancellorHarare Institute of Technology Vice Chancellor, Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe has pledged his commitment to lead the Harare Institute of Technology and propel it to greater heights in the quest to live and achieve the Institutional mandate as articulated by Government.

The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chancellor, His Excellency Cde Robert Mugabe installed Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe as the First Vice Chancellor of the Harare Institute of Technology on Thursday 23 October 2014 at the University campus in Belvedere, Harare.

The event was attended by Government Officials, Diplomats, the corporate world, friends, partners and supporters of the Institute. The event was punctuated with powerful and original serenades from the Harare Institute of Technology Choir which sang the song – "Makorokoto kuna VC."

In his acceptance speech as the First Vice Chancellor of the Harare Institute of Technology, Engineer Kanhukamwe unveiled the ten key objectives which would inform key policy decisions during his tenure. The ten objectives outline the key issues of strategic importance to the continued success and development of the Harare Institute of Technology such as the greater impetus to research and research output, the introduction of post – graduate programmes, the promotion of scholarship infrastructural development, among others. The ten objectives include:

  1. Consolidation of the Innovation and Technopreneurship signature
  2. Introduce post graduate programmes to respond to the technological skills gap in the nation
  3. Consolidate institutional research focus and to foster inter disciplinary  centres-  thus allowing us to respond quickly to  new, emerging initiatives by creating a critical mass and positioning the University  as the cutting edge of innovation,  enhancing  the commercialisation of research and development outputs, intellectual property  generation  as well as  profiting  from  research and development outputs
  4. Promoting scholarship ie, promoting TVET and CBET  centred  curriculum,  and raise publications in Science, Engineering Technology journals
  5. Consolidate capacity building  initiatives already underway by increasing  DTech and MTech  staff development  opportunities, as well as identifying  and hiring staff in areas  of strategic priority
  6. Enhance effectiveness and efficiency  of the Institute in all its  units through  ICTS deployment
  7. Promote infrastructure Development through  Public Private Partnerships  - construction of infrastructure  in support of research , innovation and  teaching
  8. Securing  financial stability fir HIT – through  IP commercialisation
  9. Growing a national and global profile through the  escalation of partnerships
  10. Committing to the National Development Agenda  - ZIM –ASSET

Engineer Kanhukamwe accepted the installation with great humility, expressing that it was indeed a priviledge and honour for him to be accepting the position of inaugural Vice Chancellor of the Harare Institute of Technology from His Excellency and Chancellor.  He also expressed his appreciation to His Excellency for the trust that had been bestowed upon him.

Engineer Kanhukamwe indicated that he was fully aware of the desire by His Excellency and Chancellor, President Robert Mugabe to see the Harare Institute of Technology not only embracing its mandate, "but actually living it, sleeping it and executing it to the letter and spirit."

The Harare Institute of Technology was established in 2005 and was entrusted with the mandate to develop, incubate, transfer and commercialize technology, develop highly skilled technical human capital through programmes that focus on the designing, production and maintenance technology with an underlying entrepreneurial and innovation for the rapid industrialisation of Zimbabwe. Since its inception, the Institute has lived up to its mandate through purposive research and commercialisation, which has positively impacted communities.

Engineer Kanhukamwe added that the role of the Harare Institute of Technology was to actively contribute to Zimbabwe’s development agenda, through relevant research. "We are fully aware that  unless a country invests  in a strong framework  for indigenous research,  in a milieu conducive  to creativity and innovation, and in the ability  to translate innovation  into wealth and  value creation,  then its status  may be challenged  by a modern day  form of colonialism – an intellectual colonialism  leading to  social and economic subservience”, he said.

Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe Installed as HIT First Vice ChancellorThe newly installed Vice Chancellor indicated that his leadership would be premised upon vision and foresight and a sense of visualising the impossible – to make it possible.  He added that he would transform the Harare Institute of Technology into a vibrant, energetic, and responsive University to both the needs of government and the country. Engineer Kanhukamwe described the Harare Institute of Technology as:  "A place, your Excellency and Chancellor where ideas converge and leaders emerge, where technologies and solutions are created today, to solve the problems of tomorrow and where all contributions are welcomed and all contributions are valued."

Engineer Kanhukamwe hailed Zimbabwe’s education policy at the dawn of Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, which was formulated by President Robert Mugabe. He acknowledged President Mugabe’s vision to see educated Zimbabweans and his far sighted vision to see Zimbabwe’s education beneficiated. The Vice Chancellor added that the progressive policy on development resultantly led to the increased establishment of tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe, of which the Harare Institute of Technology was a product of that thrust.

Engineer Kanhukamwe also paid tribute to the leadership of the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Dr Olivia Muchena for her guidance, and to the leadership and clarity of vision displayed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Dr Washington Mbizvo as he directed and supported the HIT Transformation Committee which Engineer Kanhukamwe chaired from 2003 to 2008. The Committee was charged with formulating a roadmap for developing HIT into a fully-fledged university. The promulgation of the HIT Act [Chapter 25:26] in 2005 was in part the outcome of the work of the Transformation Committee under his leadership.

Recognition was also given to Academic colleagues, the HIT Board Chairperson, Dr Gibson Mandishona for his sterling support and the HIT Management, Students and Staff for their unwavering support to his leadership.

Engineer Kanhukamwe also paid a special tribute to his family, especially his parents for instilling positive values of integrity and Christian ethics.

"They taught me neither rancour, nor hatred, and taught me understanding and respect for different points of view, the value of education, and hard work”, he said.

He described his spouse, Mrs Rumbidzai Kanhukamwe and daughter Dadiso as his greatest cheer leaders. "And finally gives thanks to God the Almighty, who has given me the strength, wisdom, intellect and health that has made this day possible”, said Vice Chancellor Kanhukamwe.

Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe becomes the first Vice Chancellor of the Harare Institute of Technology.