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Vice Chancellor’s Clarion Call for Collective Action

The Harare Institute of Technology Vice Chancellor, Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe has urged the Institute staff to uphold unity of purpose and collective action in the discharge of the HIT mandate.

Engineer Quinton KanhukamweEngineer Kanhukamwe was speaking at the End of Year Luncheon held on Thursday 11 December at the Institute campus.

Basing his end of year message on scripture, (Proverbs 15 verse 22, and Proverbs 20 verse 18 and 1 Corinthians 14 verse 40) the Vice Chancellor said wise counsel and constructive consultations should be the hallmark of all encounters at HIT.

"Without counsel, purposes are disappointed… our destiny will be disappointed and we need to thrive on continuous engagement. If we fail, the failure is ours- collectively," he said.

The Vice Chancellor said the Institute was chosen to drive Zimbabwe’s technological revolution.

"Not everyone was chosen to drive Zimbabwe’s technological revolution.  But we have been chosen... In our respective schools, departments, and we can make that impact if we are determined to. Decency and the moral fibre in our actions will get us to that destiny," he said.

The Vice Chancellor added that HIT had remained true to its mandate; not giving in to the temptation of offering programmes which are not within the institutional mandate.

The Vice Chancellor expressed his appreciation to staff for their engagements in various income generation activities such as embarking on short courses, consultancies, project proposals and interaction with various donors which had raised the profile of the Institute.

Engineer Kanhukamwe also pointed to various developments within the year which include the refurbishment of buildings on campus and improvements on landscaping. The Commissioning of the rewinding equipment was also set for the end of the year, adding that the development of the transformers would be a point for income generation for the Institute.

The Vice Chancellor revealed that the year had seen the acceptance of the HIT master plan by the Institute Board.

He congratulated staff who had made several accomplishments over the past year in their various fields of expertise and he urged them to continue to break new ground.

The Vice Chancellor also noted that 2014 marked his installation as the first Vice Chancellor of the Harare Institute of Technology.  He highlighted that at his inauguration, he revealed the HIT ten point plan which was derived from the Institute strategic plan to guide the Institute’s operations.

In her Vote of Thanks, the University Registrar, Mrs Mary Samupindi expressed gratitude to the Vice Chancellor for his leadership and to the staff for their work, dedication and commitment to the Institute throughout the year, and for their support for the Vice Chancellor’s Installation ceremony. She urged staff to embrace the new year with focus and optimism.