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Women in Engineering Open Day 2013 Launched…

Some high school students interacting with some of the engineers at the women engineering open day while Hope Masike, a mbira musician provides entertainment

In view of the Harare Institute of Technology’s destiny, which is to be the stimulant of scholarship in innovation, the HIT Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering officially launched the Women in Engineering Open Day on Thursday 20th June 2013.

Over ten girls and boys high school students from in and around Harare attended the event that had keyspeakers from women representatives in the local engineering sector as well as some leadership, entrepreneurship and motivational speakers.

For much of its history, the field of science, engineering and technology has been male dominated yet women make up half of the global workforce. Hence some questions remain unanswered. Is engineering a no go field for women and why are there few women engineers?

In a speech read on his behalf by the HIT Registrar, Mrs. Mary Samupindi, the Acting Vice Chancellor Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe said that it is his sincere hope and desire that this WOMEN IN ENGINEERING OPEN DAY will open eyes to the unlimited possibilities and potential that one can have in life after choosing a career in engineering.

“I strongly believe that at the end of this day all of you will have a clear idea of what your future will hold for you and that of generations come through your hands”, said the Vice Chancellor.

He went further to encourage the young girls and boys in attendance to aim to take up careers in the field of engineering in order to propel rapid national industrialisation and development as women are the key drivers since they make up more than half of the global population and workforce.

“This Women in Engineering Open Day is a platform that showcases innovative engineering practices and also affords networking with colleagues in business, academia, industry and government Women engineers can add value to the engineering field in many ways while also effectively working in their traditional roles at their homes”, he said.

The Women in Engineering Open Day programme emphasizes the technical aspects of engineering and social opportunities, which exist in engineering as well as taking such opportunities to become successful managers and entrepreneurs.

Other keynote speakers were Mrs. L. Chitemere, an engineer, entrepreneur and lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe whose presentation touched on the promotion of strategic leadership for women in engineering.

Ms. M Masiyazi, a Lecturer in the HIT Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, gave an in-depth post graduation analysis of female engineering graduates looking at the main obstacles they face as young girls from school up to colleges and universities, the trends that are there regarding the uptake of science, engineering and technology subjects by female students, and how our local female engineering graduates are fairing in the engineering industry.

Mr. W. Banda from the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers gave a presentation on the professional development of graduate engineers leading to the professional level, while the Chief Executive Officer of Veritec, Engineer T. Jaya also gave a presentation on the role of the professional engineer in nurturing the next generation.

Mr. J. Mungoshi, an entrepreneur, and successful motivational speaker presented on the role of coaching and mentoring in the progressive transformation of the engineering sector with a woman centred approach.

In a speech read on her behalf, the Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Dr Olivia Muchena applauded the Harare Institute of Technology for organizing the Women in Engineering Open Day saying her ministry is greatly honoured to be part of this future changing event. “This is a great day that is aimed not only at consolidating and celebrating achievements made by our country, the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers, and HIT, but where the future is paved by providing an opportunity for prospective engineers amongst our children to learn that the field of engineering is not an exclusive domain of men”, she said

She also added that what makes this day very important is that we are speaking of engineering and entrepreneurship of our minds to use engineering to provide solutions to our society’s problems and as we do so we are getting into business. This is a call to tertiary institutions to design their curriculum to be in synch with the realities on the ground.
“This day is also a day where our children learn that engineering provides vast opportunities for one to control his/her own destiny and contribute meaningful to the nation”, she said.

“I particularly draw joy and comfort in realizing that our tertiary institutions are taking the lead in government’s gender mainstreaming efforts on coming up with this day where the girl child get a chance to know more about the opportunities in the engineering field”, said the Minister.

In conclusion, she urged for the increase in the visibility of female engineers, the creation of more networking opportunities, and the removal of gender-specific language for the innovation and promotion of uniquely Zimbabwean female engineers in particular.

Hope Masike, a renowned Mbira musician provided entertainment to the participants.