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Young Farmers Innovation Lab Launch

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HIT Vice Chancellor Eng Q.C Kanhukamwe has commended the collaborative effort by the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on working on the latest approaches to improving productivity by young farmers.

Speaking at the launch held at HIT, the Vice Chancellor Eng. Quinton Kanhukamwe lauded the initiative as a first of its kind, with potential to revolutionalise the farming sector. As a key partner to the programme, he recognized the central role of technology in driving and enabling innovative solutions in the agriculture sector.

The Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union – Mr Paul Zakariya extended appreciation to the UNDP for continued support and dedication towards this process. He intimated that the young farmers’ innovation lab is the first initiative of this kind in the long history of farming in Zimbabwe and has potential of not only meeting the food needs of the country, but also addressing the unemployment challenge among young people.

UNDP Country Director, Verity Nyagah described the Young Farmers Innovation Lab as a creative model whose experiences and lessons can be scaled up to benefit many more farmers in the country. She recognized the initiative`s collaborative focus – given the emphasis on private – public partnerships.

The Young Farmers Innovation Lab project aims at strengthening the entrepreneurship capacities of young farmers through an integrated innovation lab process. Bringing together young farmers and young developers, ICT based solutions will be deployed across the value chain revolving around innovations for record keeping, strengthening market linkages as well as platforms for building a young farmers brand on the market.

The Young Farmers' Innovation Lab brings together UNDP, Zimbabwe Farmers Union, Harare Institute of Technology, Hypercube Technology Hub, Watershed College, Oxfam, Barclays Zimbabwe and GIZ among others all seeking to leverage their areas of comparative strength – to jointly support young farmers.

A label for the young farmers was also created which will give an identity to the young farmers, creating a defining characteristic. By defining quality standards, sustainability imposts and the creation of knowledge amongst the beneficiaries, the label will provide a market advantage for the Young Farmers.

The launch took place at the end of a three day Induction Session that gathered 100 young farmers and 10 highly skilled social innovators for the roll out of the programme.

Vice Chancellor Eng Q.C Kanhukamwe  speaking at the official launch of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union’s Young Farmers Innovation Lab, flanked by ZFU Director Mr Paul Zakariya (right) and UNDP Country Director, Verity Nyagah (left).Young Farmers Innovation Lab LaunchYoung Farmers Innovation Lab LaunchYoung Farmers Innovation Lab LaunchYoung Farmers Innovation Lab Launch Young Farmers Innovation Lab LaunchYoung Farmers Innovation Lab LaunchYoung Farmers Innovation Lab Launch