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HIT TDC SMEs Division
The TDC works in conjunction with a number of other organisations to ensure that the best possible support services are available to our clients. With the support of our many professional partners we are able to provide access to current expertise, knowledge and advice across a broad range of business activities.

Our SMEs division supports SMEs growth and vitality by building capacity and stimulating innovation thereby advancing the Zimbabwean Economy through aligning business objectives with the ZIMASSET blueprint. .

We do this via:

1. Training sessions

• Financial management for non- finance people
• Marketing
• Human resources management including team building
• Operations management
• IT in SMEs
• Compliance –company registration, NSSA, safety, tax clearance

2. Research
Our academics represent a glittering array of leading experts who work with SMEs, Multinationals, community groups, professional bodies, arts organisations, the third sector and government agencies, regionally, nationally and globally. They are able to:
• Carry out major research collaborations and provide expert opinions
• Carry out long-term pure or applied research
• Collaborate on projects or provide specialist advice

Whether you want to outsource an entire research project, pursue collaboration with a leading centre of research or consult on a single issue, we may well be the solution.

3. Consultancy

• Specialist information and advice that you may need
• Expert advice on how you can revive or grow your business
• Writing and reviewing of business proposals

4. Coaching and Mentoring

The TDC is also developing a range of products and services for SMEs that are accessible, applicable and practical, informed by the latest research on SME growth and performance from our Innovation and Design Thinking Laboratory (IDTL)