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HIT Establishes Environmental Consultancy Division

The Institute has established an Environmental Consultancy (HIT ENVIRO), a division of the Harare Institute of Technology's Chemical and Process Systems Engineering Department, specialising in environmental impact assessments, environmental rehabilitation, developmental projects, environmental auditing, independent external reviewing and verification of environmental reports, development and assessment of Environmental policies, procedures and objectives, environmental planning, sustainable waste management technologies, environmental conservation and processes planning.

HIT Environmental Consultancy is registered with the Zimbabwe's statutory environmental regulatory body, Environment Management Agency (EMA), registration number EIACO59EMA. It also provides training to industrial personnel in the field of Safety, Environment and Health, Disposal site personnel training, technical assistance, waste management and related fields.
To date, HIT ENVIRO has carried out a number of projects which have attracted national and international recognition. The HIT environmental consultancy team comprises of multi-skilled specialists who can tackle various types of consultancy work.

HIT ENVIRO is not limited to provision of consultancy services. As a division of an academic department, HIT ENVIRO also carries out evidence based researches which are focused on sustainable resources use and waste management with a view of curbing climate change such as the vermifiltration technology.

HIT ENVIRO also works with communities, taking initiatives in providing assistance in projects which enable sustainable livelihood for marginalised communities.

Notable projects done by HIT ENVIRO

  1. Organic waste to bio-fertilizer production (Vermicomposting technology) - the project involves the bioconversion of organic and food waste into vermicomposting which is in solid and liquid form. Currently the small scale infrastructure is operational and there are plans for large scale operations.
  2. Disposal site EIA Reports review on behalf of Environmental Management Agency – as a specialist in the field of waste management HIT ENVIRO was appointed by EMA to assist in Landfill EIA Reports assessments (E.g. Mimosa Mine Disposals site). HIT ENVIRO was also instrumental in disposals site guide lines generation.
  3. Production of crude oil from coal (pilot project) - HIT ENVIRO is running a pilot scale crude oil production from coal.
  4. Waste separation at source projects – HIT ENVIRO also make tailor made waste separation strategies (e.g. Beitbridge landfill site).
  5. Landfill site (municipal and mine) design – HIT ENVIRO also does tailor made landfill site designs.
  6. Landfill site EIA Reports – HIT ENVIRO does landfill site prefeasibility, feasibility and environmental impact assessment reports (e.g. Victoria Falls Disposals site, Beitbridge Municipality Landfill site and ZTC landfill site.
  7. Mine waste feasibility, pre-feasibility study, EIA, design and construction management (e.g. Jena Mines).

Courses offered by HIT ENVIRO