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International Partnership with VIT University

VIT University

The Harare Institute of Technology has established yet another international partnership programme with the VIT University of Vellore in India establishing academic linkages and contacts through a formalized MoU between the two universities.

The international partnership programme objectives covers a number of issues and its aims and form of co-operation are exchange of students through the organisation of study visits and training in Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral courses, recognition of academic credits, guidance and supervision of students’ theses and project works. Towards this purpose, scholarships to meet their living expenses partly or wholly may be made available from both sides.

The two universities shall also plan and handle academic programmes and courses; organize seminars, workshops and conferences including the exchange of mutual experiences in teaching, research and industrial practice.

Joint programmes in Research and Development including exchange of publications and reports are also going to be carried out by the two partners.

HIT and VIT University will also explore the possibilities of joint twinning programmes in interdisciplinary areas of specialization of high relevance to both institutions.

The creation of Centres of Excellence in specialised fields of mutual interest in Science, Engineering, Technology, Management and humanities is also of high priority issue of the aims and form of cooperation between the two universities.

The international partnership’s immediate areas of cooperation are capacity building and the establishment of a collaborative programme at M.Tech/Ph.D/D.Tech level.

VIT University, commonly called Vellore Institute of Technology or VIT is an Indian University. It was established under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission (UGC) Act, 1956, was founded in 1984 as a self-financing institution called the Vellore Engineering College. It was conferred University status in 2001. It has campuses both at Vellore and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It has nine schools/faculties and is frequently ranked among the top technology research universities in India.

VIT has consolidated its disciplines into nine "Schools of Study." Research centers are part of the schools, to encourage collaboration amongst the research and coursework areas and to provide opportunity for coursework students to participate in research projects. The University organizes many industrial workshops like Automotive Engineering workshops which was organized by ParaMek Technologies in GraVitas Fest and similar other workshops. 

Teaching at VIT is structured around nine schools/faculties;


Its founder and Chancellor, Dr. G. Viswanathan, a former Parliamentarian and Minister in the Tamil Nadu Government head the University. In recognition of his service to India in offering world-class education, he was conferred an honorary doctorate by the West Virginia University, USA.

VIT University was established with the aim of providing quality higher education on par with international standards. It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis.

The campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from all corners of the globe. Experienced and learned teachers are strongly encouraged to nurture the students. The global standards set at VIT in the field of teaching and research spur us on in our relentless pursuit of excellence. In fact, it has become a way of life for us. The highly motivated youngsters on the campus are a constant source of pride.

“Our Memoranda of Understanding with various international universities are our major strength. They provide for an exchange of students and faculty and encourage joint research projects for the mutual benefit of these universities. Many of our students, who pursue their research projects in foreign universities, bring high quality to their work and esteem to India and have done us proud. With steady steps, we continue our march forward. We look forward to meeting you here at VIT”, said Dr. G. Viswanathan , Founder & Chancellor