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Kenyan Academic hosts Transformational Leadership Talk

Professor Eric Masinde Aseka, Vice Chancellor of the International Leadership University, Kenya, recently held a talk on "Transformational Leadership and Technology in the 21st Century," on  25 September 2015 at the request of the Dean in the the School of Business and Management Sciences, Mr W. Gwarimbo.

Professor Aseka said Africa needed enabling technologies for economic and national development; adding that HIT was uniquely positioned to provide solutions to technological challenges. Professor Aseka also highlighted the importance of multi- disciplinary research, a crucial element in responding to contemporary challenges.

"Research should contribute towards wealth creation, and research needs drivers with great expertise to propel their institutions to greater heights, and this will enable you to place yourselves at the cutting edge of technology. Research can be a major income stream and through research, you can be able to establish credibility and reliability.

Professor Aseka also underscored the importance of certain virtues; crucial ingredients for success.

"You will need personal values, a personal philosophy which will guide you," he said. He also stressed the importance of intellectual and moral standards which should be observed both in personal life and in the academy.