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Military Applauds HIT Mandate

The military has hailed the Harare Institute of Technology for enhancing national security through innovations in various technologies.

In a recent visit to the Institute, Colonel J. Muzvidziwa, the Chief Instructor of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Staff College students for the Joint Command and Staff Course Number 55 said their visit had seriousness of purpose and was a follow up to the much publicized technological innovations taking place at HIT.

 "There is a lot that is happening here that we need to nurture, so that as a people, we find pride in what we develop as a nation", said Colonel J. Muzvidziwa.

He added that there is a lot of value in the programmes and activities at the Harare Institute of Technology.

"It is my wish that the systems that must support such types of institutions must do their part so that we get the mileage that we should get from such institutions."

Major S. Nkomo, who was part of the visiting students, also echoed the same sentiments, saying that the Defence Forces are now appreciating HIT’s overall contribution to national security through the various technological innovations and advancement that the institution is making headway into.

"From the presentation and the guided tour that we have had, we have learnt that this Institute is providing and enhancing national security in various aspects like e-registration – controlling migration and the movement of people, food processing – food security, and information security", he said.

Some of the military officers added that the visit will not only enhance and enrich their knowledge, but will also assist them in their various studies at the Defence Forces Staff College. "We have acquired some knowledge and as you know, knowledge conquers fear of anything. We promise to apply the knowledge that we have acquired here in our day to day security and defence activities", said one military officer.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces and their allied counterparts from the SADC region toured HIT, which is the country’s lead institution specialising in the research, development, transfer and commercilisation of technology. The visit was part of efforts to broaden their knowledge on the impact of science, engineering and technology on the economic development of a country.

The Harare Institute of Technology has become the ideal Institute for showcasing what the country’s tertiary institutions are capable of offering in terms of research in science, engineering and technology.

The delegation from the Zimbabwe Staff College was also shown some of the various capstone design Projects by HIT students and graduates.

Over 40 officers drawn from SADC region are attending the Junior Command and Staff Course Number 55 at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Staff College in Harare.

Military Applauds HIT Mandate Military Applauds HIT Mandate Military Applauds HIT Mandate Military Applauds HIT Mandate Military Applauds HIT Mandate