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Pydata Data Zim Meetup

PyData Harare is partnering with Data Science Zimbabwe, Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) and Pycon Zim to hold their first MEETUP on the 8th of December 2018.

The PyData MEETUP for those interested in Python, data science or machine learning. Best of all it’s a free MEETUP. Come and Join the fastest growing tech community in Zimbabwe.

What’s PyData?

PyData is an educational programme of NumFocus, a United States-based non-profit charity organization promoting the use of accessible and reproducible computing in science and technology. NumFocus is the house of projects on, amongst others; Pandas, Numpy, Bokeh (Python language packages) and Julia language.

…And PyCon Zim?

PyCon Zim hosts an annual conference that gives both seasoned and new python programmers an opportunity to share knowledge, learn about new technologies, contribute to technologies they use and above all network with other developers.

Lastly, Data Science Zimbabwe…

Data Science Zimbabwe is a platform for all Zimbabweans interested in data science, machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence amongst other 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. The group aims to solidify linkages between academia and industry (corporate and non-corporate practitioners) as well as influence policy that impacts on Zimbabweans’ ability to solve the problems in our society.