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School Of Business and Management Sciences Launches Professional Diploma

The School of Business Management Sciences has launched a new professional diploma and career-enhancing programme in Microfinance.

The programme gives an in-depth understanding of best practices, current technological developments, managerial acumenship and strategic techniques that effectively drive economic growth through competent microfinance enterprise development.

The Microfinance programme is offered from the certificate level to the diploma level and is targeting Loan Officers, Supervisors in Microfinace Institutions, Banks, SACCOs and Credit Unions, Board Members, Senior Managers, Middle Level Managers of Microfinance Institutions, Banks, SACCOs, Policy Makers and Social Investors.

The programme has evening and weekend classes.

The professional certificate in microfinance has 7 modules consisting of fundamentals of microfinance, risk management, technoprenuership in Microfinance, Marketing of microfinance services, information technology  in microfinance, accounting principles for microfinance and  microfinance  lending  methodologies.

The diploma course is more strategy oriented and will enhance the skills and knowledge of organizational managers. The courses include current trends in microfinance, strategic direction, microfinance management  and corporate governance, organizational architecture in a microfinance institute,building efficient microfinance institutions, regulations and supervision, enterprise wide risk management, financial reporting and Analysis for microfinance and technoprenuership for microfinance.