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Technology Centre Commissions Gear Hobber

The Technology Centre has commissioned a 14 tonne Gear Hobber for the production and processing of spur gears or cylindrical straight gears, synchronous pulleys, spline gear shafts, helical gears, worm gears and sprocket wheels in batch or single production for use in the mining, petroleum, plastics, steel, food processing, agricultural, automotive industries and power plants.

Technology Centre Commissions Gear HobberThe Computer Numerically Controlled Gear Hobbing Machine was sourced from China and was installed by staff in the Technology Centre.  Rigging services were outsourced from a local company.

The Gear Hobber can process gears with down milling and up milling method in both
axial and radial way using the Siemens CNC System that enables the machine to process crown gears and small taper gears. It can also heighten or lengthen the machine tool.

The Gear Hobber Machine is also capable of cutting gears and gear shafts at smaller diameters, but the large modules and double-open bush-embracing structure is adopted for the rear column of this machine, which enables it to cut large gear shafts. An indexing device for single tooth can also be designed and set on this machine to automatically mill gears and using disc-type milling cutters or finger-type milling cutters for circular gears.

The need for technical training, research and production activities by HIT staff and students led to the acquisition of this equipment by the Institute. Industry is also set to benefit through the utilisation of this machine for worn-out gear replacement during maintenance activities. Industry can also use this machine for gear link related machine improvements.

The Gear Hobber machine is now operational and production orders are now being taken for production release. Students and other stakeholders will start benefitting from training and research activities by the start of 2017.

Enquiries and job orders are directed to the Director of the Technology Centre, Eng. N. Chirinda on 04 741 434 Ext 2222-3, 0774 449 134. Email: nchirinda@hit.ac.zw, tc@hit.ac.zw or visit www.hit.ac.zw for more detail.

Technology Centre Commissions Gear Hobber Technology Centre Commissions Gear Hobber Technology Centre Commissions Gear Hobber Technology Centre Commissions Gear Hobber