HIT School of business and management science


E-Commerce Department

The department currently offers the B Tech Honours Electronic Commerce Degree , a programme that provides a unique opportunity to learn about and understand the fundamental issues of electronic commerce and the real opportunities of doing business in an increasingly networked global environment. This programme transforms a student into an electronic business authority, tapping from the disciplines of computing sciences, accounting, marketing, technopreneurship and business management with an understanding of the impact of emerging technologies on individuals, organizations and industries.

Financial Engineering Department

The department currently offers the B Tech Honours Financial Engineering Degree , a progamme which involves the application of science-based mathematical models to decisions about saving, investing, and borrowing, lending, and managing risk. In recent years, there has been a phenomenal rise of many new derivatives markets which has vastly enhanced the scope of financial engineering. As a result it has become possible to produce at reasonable cost customized financial contracts that address a broad range of investment and risk management needs faced by firms, households and governments around the world.