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Only students and staff of HIT are allowed to borrow. The rest can use the library as approved readers ONLY.  Students and staff of HIT must present valid HIT ID cards when borrowing.




Academic staff:   


Non-Academic Staff:

Approved Readers  have no borrowing privileges

NB: All borrowing should be done 30 minutes before closing time.
There are No extensions on any borrowed material.


Lost Books/Materials

The penalty for replacing lost or damaged material is: -

A sum equal to the replacement value of the item on the date of payment, plus processing fee plus overdue fines to date; OR replacement with an exact copy of the lost item, plus the processing fee plus overdue fines to date.



The library calls upon all its members to return on time, materials they would have borrowed so that others can also use the same material.  Materials returned late will attract fines. Details of charges can be obtained from the Reader Services on library@hit.ac.zw or send a Whatsapp message to your personal librarian. Rules and regulations have also been put in place to encourage good behavior when using the library.  Breach of any of them will attract a spot fine.  Send a message on library@hit.ac.zw or send a Whatsapp message for more details.


  1. All Library fines are subject to review. Failure to pay fines or to replace damaged/lost
    books, will result in suspension of your library membership.
  2. Habitual and serious defaulters will be liable for disciplinary hearing by the Library
    Book Defaulter’s Committee that shall be convened from time to time to deal with such matters.


Book Vandalism