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In line with the HIT mandate, the Library strives to be a high-tech digital library that provides access to science, engineering and technology knowledge and information in multi-media formats that address the teaching, learning and research needs of the HIT community. The Library provides access to and promotes the use of its resources by HIT stakeholders, industry and business partners and researchers from the community in which the Institute exists.

Access to LIS services is through membership registration and currently membership stands at about 2100.  Bona fide staff and students of HIT form the primary users of the library.  This means that one should be a registered student or employed by the Institute in order to qualify for membership with the Library.  Only those registered as members of the library have access to the resources, facilities and services as well as borrowing privileges.  Currently, student membership expires at the end of each semester and must be renewed at the beginning of each new semester.  Members of staff register only ones and their membership expires upon expiration of their employment contract. 
Membership is also open to: -

All who should complete approved membership forms obtained from the Reference Desk.  Bring your introductory letter to register and get a valid HIT ID card.

Just remember to bring along your valid Institute ID Card if you want to gain access to the building or borrow books.