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HIT Personal Librarians

Hello and welcome to HIT.  The Library has set up a team of Librarians who would ideally be your PERSONAL LIBRARIANS!  You will be informed of who your personal librarian is.  This team of Personal Librarians love learning about what you are interested in and learning along with you will bring a lot of excitement.  We have already set up call centres in the Library for each department through Whatsapp!!  Your Subject Librarian is indeed your Personal Librarian!!!   Find out who your Personal Librarian is. Check it out on this page or library@hit.ac.zw  today!   Did you know that you have got access to a huge collection of electronic resources at HIT Library including relevant and up to date print resources in your area of study? Did you also know that the Library has just transformed the social media tool, Whatsapp just for you and the Library to share, communicate and work together for YOUR SUCCESS?  There is a lot that you should know and your Personal Librarian will just be too happy to share and answer your questions about any aspect of the Library’s collection or your research or at least introduce you to the right person to help you.  There is absolutely no need for office hours because you have a freeway communication tool; Whatspp.  You can therefore, contact your personal librarian any time with a question or to set up an appointment if you would like to talk about a project. Team Library is ready to work with each and every one of you during your studies or research work here at HIT.