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Library Policy and Standard Operating Procedures


About the Libray

Library Policy

The HIT Library Policies provide an all-encompassing framework of principles that guide the systematic acquisition, processing, circulation and innovative marketing and promotion of resources and services. The policies also provide for the efficient and effective utilization of print, electronic and multimedia resources within and outside the university by bona fide HIT users and approved readers. The policy includes the following areas which are articulated in Chapters 1-9:



Standard Operating Procedures

The LIS Procedure Manual articulates in a simplified step-by-step guide how to carry out library operations as well as how to effectively provide access to resources and services for the benefit of HIT bona fide staff, students and researchers including approved readers. The procedure manual therefore forms a critical governance tool that clarifies how library processes, operations (activities) and services are carried out.  It can be used for continuous professional development of library staff as well as for the orientation and training of new staff that join the Library at any given time.  It also serves to inform stakeholders including auditors who may need to understand how Library processes, operations and services are carried out.  The procedures outlined are guided by the Library Policies which provide the framework within which the library processes, operations and services are executed. The procedure manual should therefore be read in conjunction with the Library Policy.