HIT School of business and management science

Corporate and Cyber law

Modules covered aims to provide an in-depth look at the legal issues surrounding electronic commerce, including business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and consumer to consumer (C2C) forms and digital applications to support the sharing economy, creative processes and the public sector. Electronic commerce knows no boundaries hence it has brought a whole range of new laws and regulations - and, inevitably, a minefield of accompanying uncertainties and potential pitfalls. Cyber law and ethics provide practical help for businesses and e-commerce initiatives, this series of cutting-edge reviews examines and evaluates the special rules designed to regulate the Internet . Relevant technological developments are also evaluated against the legal background in Zimbabwe. This is an essential guide for legal and corporate practitioners alike, as well as software developers and the consultancy community internationally.

The courses to do with e-governance and cyber law will review (a) traditional legal issues surrounding business in an electronic format and the challenges of the advent of digital technologies, concerning particularly the identification of jurisdiction, the formal validity of electronic transactions, security and authentication, contract formation and electronic payment systems, and online consumer protection issues; (b) digital convergence and content regulation,; (c) the legal discipline of technological applications in the contexts of the public sector, smart cities and open democracy; and frameworks to support and enable digital tools to the advantage of creative industries and economic growth.

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