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Electronic Commerce Student Research Projects

Emmanuel Isheunesu Madzokere

Bachelor of Technology Honours Degree in Electronic Commerce

eimadzokere@gmail.com | +26373 688 1535


Increased usage of Internet for commercial purposes is a significant trend in the modern economy, and has been linked to improved customer services. This, however, has also posed specific challenges for many manufacturing companies who are still managing customer services and inventories manually. As a consequence this has resulted in companies registering losses of business due to delayed order processing and poor inventory management. The developed online electronic shopping cart system is designed to address this challenge. This model is innovative because it's designed to go beyond the traditional user-centric approach of most online shopping stores. This model will benefit both the manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturing companies for example will be able to track customer orders, assess stock levels, view sales and other operational and management reports thereby achieving improved customer relationship, lower operating costs, adapt automated inventory management processes, reduce paperwork, and improve data collection and reporting. This system also offers consumers the benefits of shopping convenience – on a 24hr basis, providing price comparisons, and reduced transaction costs and payment flexibility.