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Electronic Commerce Student Research Projects

Chenaimwoyo Nhema

Bachelor of Technology Honours Degree in Electronic Commerce

cbnhema@gmail.com | +263734348078


Smallholder farmers do not fully benefit from the products generated by their activities mainly because existing market structures do not address their specific needs. In fact, the smallholder agricultural marketplace is dominated by missing markets, erratic prices and intermediaries who buy the farmers produce at very low prices and resale them at higher prices to retailers and consumers. As a result smallholder farmers are unable to effectively participate in the agribusiness value chain and continue to languish in poverty. It is therefore important to strengthen the linkages between smallholder farmers and consumers– where access to markets is enhanced and challenges associated with information addressed. This web based market linkage system seeks to innovatively address this challenge by directly linking smallholder farmers and consumers. The system allows contract-farming clients to access a selected group of potential buyers for their agricultural produce. The farmers are in turn able to upload their produce onto the system in response to orders placed by registered buyers and to deliver the goods. They are also able to facilitate payments an inbuilt payment system. Consequently, through this system, smallholder farmers will have more direct access to the market while the consumers can also purchase fresh products at much cheaper prices directly from the farmers rather than through market middlemen.