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Electronic Commerce Student Research Projects

Rumbidzai Jani

Bachelor of Technology Honours Degree in Electronic Commerce

rjclyyde@gmail.com | +263773560930


Keeping records of key decisions by the local authorities is an integral aspect of ensuring accountability and transparency, required to enhance delivery of public services. In addition, a local authority that is well able to track, monitor and act on its decisions will mostly enjoy a trusted relationship with its citizens. At the moment, the challenge facing most local authorities is that key service delivery data is manually collected and stored which delays the retrieval process and in return affects their ability to respond to citizens' requests in an effective and timely manner.

This project is a web-based electronic archiving system targeting local authorities that stores past and current reports, minutes and citizen requests as well as decisions made on council related issues and services. The system allows for easy retrieval of data via an inbuilt and interactive search engine. This system will facilitate digitalization of data and enhance efficient storage and access of key decisions for timely action. The public could also access available information from the councils. The long term outcome of this is also a more accountable and transparent local governance system with increased citizen participation due to the increased access to public data.