Bachelor of Technology (Honours) Degree in Information Security

Everyday new computer viruses and spyware are developed to infiltrate national and organisational computer systems and networks. However, this area of computer specialisation is growing at a rapid rate and so is the ultimate demand for Information Security and Assurance.
A  B.Tech degree in Information Security and Assurance prepares students for working within the world of internet, information and computer security. Information and systems security are a cause for concern for institutions as they tend to rely more on computer technology and networking as the mode of conducting business.

Programme Aim Information security endeavours to protect information systems from being hacked into and are alert to any potential or actual security threats to either the nation or organisation in question.Graduates of Information Security are equipped with the following competencies:

  • Ability to protect information stored on Local Area Networks (LANS) and Wide Area Networks (WANS)
  • Ability to protect personal and business
    information contained within an Organisation’s Information System
  •  Ability to contain and fix system attacks
  • Ability to implement security strategies
    for information systems
  • Ability to protect computer systems from attack by viruses as well as cyber
Programme Structure

The programme is a full-time programme of study to honours degree level and is structured to be delivered over four years and comprises of approximately;

  • 48 weeks of lectures, laboratories, tutorials and systems/software design project work,
  •  followed by 30 weeks of internship then
  • 24 weeks of lectures, tutorials, laboratories and a project.

Third-year internship is assessed via a Written Internship Report; Oral presentation and Assessments from the company of Internship.

Entry Requirements:
  • At least two A` Level passes including Mathematics or Computer Science and any other relevant science subject or
  • National Diploma in Information Technology with at least two years’ work experience
  •  5 ‘O’ level passes including Mathematics and English
Career Prospects

The field of information security is one of the fastest growing areas in all IT. Entry-level positions are demanding educated and experienced professionals, but those positions are paying high dollar for those demands. Some of these jobs include:

  •  IT security Officer;
  •  IT Manager;
  •  Computer Security Consultant;
  • Corporate Information Systems Manager;
  •  IT Auditor;
  •  Business Technology Supervisor;
  •  Information Systems Security Manager;