Security Department

The security department is headed by a Chief Security Officer supported by an internal staff compliment of security personnel. The security department is responsible for the security needs at the campus, which is to provide an environment in which students and staff can study, work and live safely without fear of crime. However security is a shared responsibility for every member of HIT. Staying alert and reporting any suspicious activity deters criminals and helps to reduce opportunities for crime.

Campus Security Department

The department of Campus Security is here to enhance the quality of life at HIT University by maintaining a safe and secure environment conductive of the educational, professional and personal growth of all members of the campus community. We are here to work to foster community trust, mutual respect and cooperation.  The department will provide expertise and educational services in the areas of self-protection, crime prevention, personal security, workplace safety, and environmental health.

The responsibility for developing and maintaining a safe, secure and welcoming environment belongs to all members of the campus community. Within this context, we strive to support the needs of the individual as well as supporting the mandate of HIT University.


Harare Institute of Technology employs Campus Security Officers for the safety and protection of all students, staff and their property. The Campus Security Office has officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Security Officers perform their duties in the best interest of all students and staff. It is the responsibility of all students and HIT community to follow University rules and regulations regarding proper conduct.

All Campus Security Services personnel wear a uniform for proper identification. They respect privacy policy regulations but do have the authority to enter any room for the following reasons:

  • Life or death situations
  • Weapons violation
  • Sickness and/or personal injury
  • Fire
  • Unruly conduct or general disorder

All incidents, traffic accidents etc, criminal activities or any other emergencies should be reported to the Security Office immediately. All incidents will have a detailed report completed and a police report filed if necessary.

Core Values

In line with the values espoused in the HIT Strategic Document: Vision 2020 every member of the department is expected to exhibit the following attributes

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism.

Destiny: To be a guarantor of peace and security in the Institute

Cause: To be a reliable and reputable protection security and safety service provider to the University community.

Calling: To provide intelligence led effective and efficient security service that protects the Institute property/assets and creates a
             conducive learning/working environment.

Chief Security Officer

He is accountable for the development and delivery of a security strategy that meets the objective of safety on campus. He can be contacted on extension 2228 (04-741422-36), by mobile on +263 773 409 781 or by email

Incident Reporting

All criminal acts or breaches of security should be reported to the security on extension 2230 and 2233