Chaplaincy and Ecumenical Services

  • The Division is in a position to give spiritual counseling and guidance as well as assist students with all their religious activities.
  • We have a Student Ecumenical Committee. The committee organizes time tables for orderly holding of church meetings on Campus.
  • Destiny: To be the Spiritual reference point for students Cause: To cultivate commitment towards an honest life style Calling To treat others as if they were self Core Values
    • Equity: Each religious cell group will be treated with respect and integrity
    • Sensitivity: Empathetic, and encouragement to solve own problems
    • Quality: Services, programmes (internally and externally) are of professional standards.
    • Synergy: While cell group work is recognized, networking with other religious cell groups and secular is strongly promoted.
    • Accountability: We are all responsible for what we do as ambassadors of HIT, driving each student towards efficiency and effectiveness.
       Key Result Area: To add value to the Harare Institute of Technology’s vision and aspirations for academic excellence and quality leadership development by imparting upon students ethical value systems.
    • Organizing and running leadership training and development workshops and seminars for various cells.
    • Mobilizing financial resources from stakeholders like the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and others
    To develop a Hardship Fund to provide relief to economically disadvantaged students which shall operate as a revolving Fund.
    • Highlighting the plight of students to Society; Churches and the staff members of the Harare Institute of Technology community
    • Publicizing the fund to students so that by the end of year one, at least 75% of the students will be aware of the fund.
    • Developing a criteria for selecting eligible candidates and an effective recovery mechanism by the end of year one.
    • Ensure that at least 80% of borrowed money is recovered from students to keep the fund revolving.
    To develop a spirit of Ecumenism and religious/cultural tolerance on campus.
    • Organize at least once a year, a joint Inter-Denominational Mission Week on campus.
    • Organize inter-religious/cultural debates that promote religious cultural dialogue and tolerance by end of year one.
    To develop and foster a spirit of serving the wider community among both students and members of staff.
    • Responding to national and other disasters that befall our nation in cash and kind (an on-going-process).
    • Strengthen the work of Harare Institute of Technology for the community student group.
    • Publish in liaison with the Communications and International Relations Office, the community service activities in order to enhance the image of the Harare Institute of Technology.
    To provide Professional, high-quality, user-friendly and religious and cultural sensitive counseling to both students and members of staff.
    • Have in place as least five counselors from Denominational Chaplains on campus twice a semester.  Senior Chaplain’s Office to make an office available for these Counsellors/Chaplains.
    • Publicizing counseling services in the Chaplaincy department to both students and staff members.
    • Mediation in individual and institutional conflicts.
    To provide Pastoral Care Service to the Harare Institute of Technology Community
    • Visiting sick students and staff in hospitals and/or their homes and offering spiritual support
    • Help to link students with their denominational chaplain/religious leader when their pastoral care is called for.
    • Conducting baptism, funeral, memorial and marriage services for members of the Harare Institute of Technology committee.
    • Certification of documents and other services needed from a commissioner of oaths.
    • Advising students on developing religious organizations and activities.