Sports, Culture and Recreation

  • We organize sports and recreational activities through the Student Sports Council.
  • We encourage student participation in various sporting activities.

Student Wellness Centre for Health Education

  • We design and develop Health Education Programmes for students including Family Planning, HIV and AIDS.  We manage a Clinic for Institute Students and attend to health related issues.
  • We implement the Student Medical Aid Scheme.

Key Result Area

Provide Adequate, Functional and State-of-the-art Sporting and Recreation Facilities.


  • Organizing intra-mural sports to provide structured contests, meets, tournaments and leagues, limiting participation to campus members.
  • Working with students to develop arts and cultural programmes
  • Developing and updating a cleaning-house of all community resources where students can volunteer.
  • Coordinating recreational programming, facilities and equipment.
  • Supervising informal programmes for self-directed, individualized involvement to meet students’ desires to participate in sport for personal fitness and enjoyment.
  • Offering sport clubs that provide opportunities for individuals to organize around a common interest in a sport within or outside the institution.
  • Providing instructional programmes for learning opportunities, knowledge, and skills through lessons, clinics and workshops.
  • Providing health promotion and well-being programmes.
  • Developing the recreation sports programmes for persons with disabilities

Increase in the number of students participating in respective national teams and events.

  • Engage qualified coaches for the respective sporting disciplines.
  • Facilitate the provision by the private sector of incentives and awards to outstanding sports persons and teams.

Increase in the number of female students participating in sports and recreation.

  • Market the sports recreation available to other internal and external stakeholders
  • Review the charges of facilities annually
  • Liaise with the Security Department on random checks on facilities
  • Refurbish and repair infrastructure and equipment starting year one
  • An increase in the range of sports and recreation events/activities

For more information Contact:

Coordinator: Campus Life and Student Development
Student Affairs Division
Office Number S 115