Student Wellness

Destiny: To be the flagship of healthy lifestyles.

Cause: To empower students to make right health choices, seek early treatment and value their health.

Calling: To advance students involvement in issues pertaining to their health and development.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
    We promote service of humanity and shall deliver our services with competence, efficiency and effectiveness, without discrimination and take prompt action to alleviate pain and restore health whilst maintaining professionalism.
  • Accountability
    We challenge students to guard jealously their health so that they excel in innovation and scholarship whilst they remain accountable for their own health and wellness.
  • Commitment
    We are committed to building healthy technocrats, and promote student development through club formation, and health awareness activities in order to bring health to the doorsteps for the betterment of students and HIT community‘s health.
  • Empathy
    We shall treat all our customers with responsiveness and endeavor to be empathetic in all our services.
  • Integrity
    All our customers and clients shall be treated with impartiality with disregard to race, status and religious beliefs.

Key Result Area:

Provision of high quality Health care and Health education. We are committed to holistic wellness and value health as wealth hence endeavor to create health conscious, responsible citizens.

Student Health & Wellness Centre
The Centre provides health education, health and wellness activities, HIV and AIDS programmes including management of health related issues as we promote scholarship.

Our services are mainly primary health care which are preventive, primitive and curative services. We empower students to make right health choices, seek early treatment and value their health. We challenge students to guard jealously their health as they innovate and adventure.

Clinic Objectives

  • To provide competitive health services, and improve quality of life.
  • Provide crisis management for medical and psycho-social problems in collaboration with Campus Life Coordinator and  relevant stakeholders
  • Provides high standards of infection control and contain spread of diseases.
  • Provides Counseling and psycho-social support services of all nature.
  • To promote student development through   health clubs and other health activities and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Be a resource centre for health related issues within HIT community.
  • To design appropriate programmes in response to arising health problems.
  • To source an appropriate Medical Funding Model for all registered students.

Our Partners

  • All Ambulance Services in Zimbabwe
  • City health and Government Institutions country wide
  • ZRP and other Security Services
  • Fire Brigade
  • Medical Fund Partners

The Clinic is housed in hostel four (4) on ground floor. Services are offered to all students and staff. We open from 0800hrs to 1630hrs Monday to Friday. Minor ailments will be attended to by hostel wardens after hours.