M.Tech in Strategy and Innovation

Why Study the Master of Technology in Strategy and Innovation?

The M.Tech in Strategy and Innovation is an innovative programme that enhances your capacity to engage in strategic decision-making in a complex global context and innovate processes, products, and services that create competitive advantage.  Defining new ways of doing business is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, coupled with technological advancements, economic disruptions together with changing customer needs, wants, and expectations that all call for new thinking and skills. Organisations must be able to adapt and revolutionize to meet the changing trends and generations, thus necessitating the need for strategy and innovation. Innovation generates new opportunities, and contributes to business growth, and is therefore critical for survival, company success and economic growth. Firms that strategize and innovate are able to: compete in more connected fast-paced environments, identify new opportunities to solve their problems, better handle demanding customers, and serve customers profitably. The Strategy and Innovation programme broadens and deepens your knowledge and skills base with a clear focus on innovation & application. Our approach to learning is to blend the development of advanced specialist knowledge and capabilities with practical application.

What is this programme about?

Strategy and Innovation entails defining an organisation’s direction in the long term and rethinking the way we do business. This includes plans to operate a business profitably, decisions on revenue models, product offerings, intended markets, and financing details. The Strategy and Innovation programme builds innovation capabilities, and sets these capabilities in a long-term strategic context.

The programme attains this through design thinking, strategy, and innovation tools, frameworks, and practices closely coupled with the development of capacity to lead in fast changing technological environments. The programme brings new knowledge in specialised areas of strategy, innovation, technology, and leadership that will strengthen your skills to solve organisational challenges. The central objective is to develop capacity to become a strategic innovative actor in a variety of organisational contexts.

What will I study?

The programme evolves around four core strands, which are strategy, innovation, management, and technology. A design-oriented project that stretches over two semesters buttresses these core areas of the programme. Innovation equips students with innovation processes and tools from ideation through to prototyping and launch. Technology provides the central building blocks to develop strategies and organisations. Strategy empowers students to explore the strategic environment, and develop strategic plans that synthesise aspects of innovation, technology, and leadership among other things. The management core provides leadership in the exploration of management styles, capabilities, and impact on strategy implementation and success. During the learning period, we train students to develop strategies that revolutionise businesses, and create new profitable entities in fast-paced technological environments.

Programme Structure

The Strategy and Innovation degree is a flexible programme that runs for two years on a block release basis. Candidates have the opportunity to blend learning, employment and other commitments.

Who can apply?

This programme is for professionals seeking new knowledge, skills, and competences to develop innovative high-end enterprises, and rejuvenate  existing ones in fast-paced technological environments. In addition, applicants must have;-

An undergraduate degree in the field of Business and Management such as Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing.


An undergraduate degree in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics field with at least two years working experience at managerial level.

How will this help my career?

The Strategy and Innovation programme develops innovative, and technopreneurial individuals with capacity to analyse and make decisions on complex issues in any environment. The programme examines frameworks that marketleading companies use to build innovation into their business approach. Through hands-on laboratory work and real-world cases, students learn how to drive innovation and develop winning strategies. The programme emphasizes tangible, practical content, which participants can immediately deploy in their organizations. The programme takes a broad, cross-sectoral, and international approach thus equipping graduates for a wide range of opportunities and roles

What are my career prospects?

The programme combined with your bachelor’s degree and/or experience equips graduates to create high-tech enterprises, and revolutionise existing enterprises profitably. The programme focuses on a hands-on approach, design thinking and innovation empowering graduates to lead in technology development, design thinking, innovation, and new products and service design across industry sectors.