Technology Center

Harare Institute Of Technology (HIT) is a degree conferring technology university which is sited in Harare. Hit provides programmes which are geared towards the production of industrial technologists with greater depth and proficiency in the area of study, in industrial research and design skills as well as technopreneurial skills and competencies in industrial management. HIT produces highly technical human resources that are creativity driven, project oriented, understand all stages of invention including idea generation and development and have the ability to commercialise technology .


To be the captain in technological innovation through professionalism.

Our Mission

To promote cooperation towards technopreneurial leadership in enterprise development that devel-ops professionals and industrial services under-pinned on integrity.


The Technology Centre (TC) is a strategic unit of Harare Institute of Technology that was set up to promote (the development of) manufacturing ac-tivities from various academic units within the Institute as well as attending production orders from industry and commerce. Its other mandate is to give competence develop-ment training in technical and management cours-es to industry, commerce as well as the Small to Medium Enterprises Sector (SMEs). The TC also pro-motes school-wide inter-departmental convergence that leads to estab-lishment of various research groups in a interdis-ciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach.

Structure of Technology Center

The TC has two distinct and complimentary cen-tres of excellence, which are the Technical Train-ing Unit and the Production Unit. The Technical Training Unit links all academic departments in order to provide tailor-made pro-grammes and customised short courses responsive to industry’s needs. The Production Unit brings workshops and labor-atories of all academic units together in an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach to enhance research & development as well as max-imising on production orders from industry and commerce.

Technical Training Unit

The centre offers full time conventional courses for advanced training in the Tool Engineering, CNC Technology, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Circuit Board manufacturing and Programmable Logic Controllers to interested individuals and the corporate world. The following list of short courses is a few of the customised courses that are tailor-made for com-petence development of various Industrial person-nel.

Short-term Courses

  • CNC programming, simulation & ma-chining
  • AutoCAD (2-3D modeling)
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Total Quality Management
  • NDT & Quality Control (levels 1-2)
  • Projects & Contract Management
  • Total Productive Maintenance & CMMS
  • Logistics & Fleet Management
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

Other courses are available on request by the industry or individuals concerned.

Production Centers

TC Production Unit achieves high precision pro-duction of Hi-Tech products and components through its manufacturing & electronic engineer-ing workshops, and a number of state-of-the-art laboratories. Prototyping, Testing and Inspection of products or samples can also be done.

Research Work

Distinct research work is being conducted through top notch expertise converging from the existing academic units. Current research areas are Renewable Energy, Electronic Systems, Food Processing, industrial Automation & Chemical Processes.