Student Accomodation and Catering

  • There are rooms for 400 students offered based on level of venerability. Preferred groups include first years, differently abled students and students in the final year. We superintend over delivery of services to Halls of Residence.  We supervise student activities in the halls of residence through Ordinance 15.
  • A student Sub Warden and a Part Time Hostel Warden will assist students in need.
  • Subsidized meals are offered in the Institute Canteen on a purchase and eat basis. Student Affairs monitors the quality of catering services.

Key Result Area:

Effective and efficient monitoring of residential facilities as learning, recreational and income generating centres and facilitating provision of high quality catering services.

Living among your peers on campus is an unbeatable way to experience college life. Convenient access to classes, lecturers, canteen and special events add meaning to our dynamic on-campus community. Residential life is designed to make possible a rich collegiate experience for every undergraduate and even post graduate student.

  • We are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere that enhances success and is conducive to spiritual, academic and social growth.
  • Assist students with sourcing off-campus residence.
  • Review the accommodation priority by the end of each year.
  • Ensure the efficient and affective allocation of accommodation by the Accommodation Committee and Accommodation Officer.
  • Create a reliable database on the origins of first year students from year one.
  • Monitor the effective and efficient utilisation of residential facilities through random checks and discussions with residents.
  • Ensure that international students are accommodated to expectations.

Accommodation regulations are governed by Ordinance 15.

Provision of quality and value-for money food and ancillary services.

  • Regular monitoring of the quality of food through random checks and focus group interviews with students in at the respective Halls of Residence.
  • Provide the Dean’s Office with regular reports on the quality of food provision and pricing structure in light of contractual agreements.
  • Develop self-catering facilities in Halls of residence from year one.

Properly maintain and preserve the fabric and conditions of residential and ancillary facilities.

  • Quarterly maintenance and repair reports.
  • Timely repairs of structures and fittings.
  • Monitor usage levels of facilities.
  • Seek appropriate budget for the maintenance and repair of facilities.

Increasing levels of learning and recreational activities within the residential facilities.

  • Generate necessary finances and procure required learning and recreational equipment.
  • Secure the facilities to prevent abuse, vandalism and theft through establishing appropriate Hall of Residence Committees and liaison with Security Department.
  •  Implementing standing provisions regarding expulsion from residence by offending students.
  • Provision of recreational facilities like in-door games in Halls of Residence in liaison with Sports and Recreational Department.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of computer laboratories when installed in the Halls of Residence.
  • To come up with programmes for residence that help develop a culture of respect and tolerance for other people’s rights and views in a diverse community.

For more information Contact:

Coordinator: Campus Life and Student Development
Student Affairs Division Office Number S 115