You are currently viewing Harare Institute of Technology receives US$2M Entrepreneurship (Technopreneurship) Endowment Funding from Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd (UK).

Harare Institute of Technology receives US$2M Entrepreneurship (Technopreneurship) Endowment Funding from Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd (UK).

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HARARE, August 8, 2023 – As part of its major auxiliary initiatives, Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd and its affiliates is pleased to announce the establishment of its Two Million Dollar (US$2,000,000.00) Greyhorse Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) Endowment Fund.
This Endowment is entirely a private-sector initiative rooted in corporate trusteeship. It primarily addresses the institutionalization of result-oriented, commercialisation of concepts, ideas to enhance technopreneurship in aiding of clear objectives of the University and all of its active stakeholders going forward. Top most priority is accorded to financial inclusion of students as well as faculty in all of their scholarship and allied endeavors at the University.
Capital contribution and trusteeship are the direct responsibility of Greyhorse acting through its collaborative proprietary worldwide financial networks under the leadership of its founder and executive chairman, Rahim Thawer, and its boards and associated firms and institutional funds in New York and London.
Growth of the Endowment is structured and strategic, firstly to address inclusive early-stage higher-education financial requirements at the University, literally with all hands on the deck as regards all aspects of development of both the overall service delivery and the Endowment itself. Funded student-led start-ups are a prominent feature and encouraged to be a part of this initiative.


About Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd (UK).

Greyhorse Clearinghouse Limited is a Cross-Border Multi-Currency Blockchain based Decentralised Clearinghouse that provides custodial settlement services via its external fully collateralized funds. Through its 100% Insured and Proprietary Digital Financial Infrastructure which allows Retail and Institutional Clients immediate Multi-Currency Liquidity. Registered Clients can also Lend, Borrow, Swap and Invest in Domestic and International Securities Markets through our Registered Affiliates as well as Securitize all of their Assets into Dollarisation to Hedge against Currency Devaluation and/or Inflation. Established in 2020 in London, UK. With Over US$1.967B in Assets Under Management Representing institutional and retail clients. Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd is one of the Largest Decentralized Clearinghouses and remains a leading service provider to various Financial Institutions in both Developed & Emerging Markets.
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About Harare Institute of Technology

The Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) was granted University status in 2005 with the promulgation of the Harare Institute of Technology Act {Chapter 25:26}. HIT is the hub of technology development and delivery of quality technology programmes. It is at the forefront of growing Zimbabwe’s industrial base and natural resources beneficiation. HIT develops, incubates, transfers and commercializes technology for Zimbabwe’s rapid industrialisation. Its uniqueness lies in hands-on, practical learning. The concept of Capstone Design Projects; a unique aspect of HIT, was infused into the Curriculum to provide students with room to prove their proficiency in translating scientific concepts into tangible outputs. The capstone design projects are informed by the philosophical precepts of innovation, technopreneurship and creativity, and hold the potential for commercialisation. HIT inculcates among its graduates the philosophy of technopreneurship and develops values responsible for a mindset shift from the traditional expectation of employment by government, commerce and industry. Under the technopreneurship ethos, graduates are capacitated with the zeal and stamina to start high–tech enterprises, making an impact on the national economy.
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