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The hybrid 48th Institute Board Meeting was held on the 7th of December 2022 in the Engineering Hall and chaired by the Institute Board Chairperson Engineer Farayi Mavhiya-Bhiza.
In her address to the Institute Board and Senior Management staff Engineer Mavhiya-Bhiza commended the University leadership for being up to the task to initiate engagement with the Ministry to address the dire situation resulting in the University being the first to get its fees ordinance approved.
“I would also like to commend our students for their maturity throughout the year as we did not have disturbances on campus. As I reflect on the year that is coming to an end, this meeting is time for reflection on the year. Kindly allow me to start off with congratulating the Vice Chancellor and his team for the achievements for the year namely the recognition Awards for the Institute, Staff and Students , successful hosting of the 13th Graduation ceremony, Technovation week , Start ups incubated , copyrights achieved to mention but a few,” she said.
She also highlighted that the University was in the limelight on the issue of block chain technology and the development of a crypto-currency for Zimbabwe and entire Board is looking forward with great anticipation on this development.
“We hope that the stability that we are currently experiencing in terms of the economic environment will be sustained into next year to assist us in the achievement of our set strategic goals and objectives. We will continue to engage with our Ministry and industry to seek opportunities that will assist in making the university financially sustainable.
“On the other hand, the new programmes that are being accredited by ZIMCHE create an opportunity for institutional growth. We need to ensure that these programmes are well resourced to ensure that we maintain the quality of our delivery,” said the Institute Board Chairperson.
Engineer Mavhiya-Bhiza also expressed her appreciation to her fellow board colleagues for walking this journey with her. “To management, staff, and students, I say thank you for being part of this team. We look forward to your continued engagement in relation to the affairs of the university. May I take this time on behalf of the Board to wish you a pleasant Festive season. We look forward to a fruitful 2023 ahead!” she concluded.
The meeting is also discussing the Vice Chancellor’s Report for 2022 as well as reports from the various committees of the Board.

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