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A Public Lecture was hosted at the Harare Institute of Technology in collaboration with United States Embassy in Harare to commemorate World Telecommunication Day on 17 May 2022, under the title “Building a Secure Network: Is 5G the Solution?.”

Omelas Chief Executive Officer Evanna Hu was the guest speaker for the public lecture which was held physically and virtually.

In her presentation, Evanna Hu classified 5G frequencies into Low-Frequency Cells of 700 Mhz, High-Frequency Cells of 3.4 -3.8Ghz and Millimetre Wave Cells of 26 GHz. Millimeter and High-Frequency Wave Cells are mostly used for large-scale events with thousands of users, vehicle communications, transport infrastructure, environmental monitoring and smart cities, and improving residential connections and smart energy.

In her evaluations, Evanna Hu predicted that by 2025, 5G deployment will be mostly concentrated in North America with an average subscription of 74%, followed by North East Asia and Western Europe at 56 and 55 percent, respectively. Central and Eastern Europe will be at 25%, while the Middle East and Africa will be at 7% mobile 5G subscriptions by 2025.

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