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The Vice-Chancellor of Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) Professor Quinton Chamunorwa Kanhukamwe has issued a rallying call to both academic and non-academic staff to align with the University’s mandate of developing, incubating, transferring, and commercializing technology for Zimbabwe’s rapid industrialization.
In recent interface meetings with the university community, the Vice-Chancellor emphasized the importance of innovation and collaboration among staff members. He urged them to utilize the available resources effectively and meet their targets and deliverables.
“The university is dedicated to enhancing the welfare of its staff. Your work, which is a culmination of everyone’s input and contribution, is highly valued. We take pride in being the only local university with commercialized startups that have made a nationwide impact. Let’s push ourselves further and continue to contribute to the national development agenda,” stated the Vice-Chancellor.
Highlighting the pivotal role of universities in driving the development of the country, the Vice-Chancellor called on academic staff to adhere to their annual minimum research publications. He encouraged them to focus on application research with an emphasis on technology transfer and commercialization to support national industrialization efforts.
“We must strive to make a visible impact across all sectors of our nation and actively contribute to national development. I am looking forward to a productive and successful 2024,” concluded the Vice-Chancellor.
The Vice-Chancellor’s charge underscores HIT’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and advancement in Zimbabwe. By engaging both academic and non-academic staff in this common goal, HIT is poised to lead the way in supporting the country’s industrialization agenda and driving socio-economic progress.

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