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The Computer Science Department recently engaged its alumni during a seminar held at the HIT Campus on Friday 15 March 2024 to engage with current students through sharing experiences and the paths that they have walked during and after their studies.
Running under the theme “Navigating the Tech Industry: Insights from Alumni Success Stories,” the Computer Science – Alumni Connect Seminar provided a platform for former students to share their experiences, career journeys, and successes since graduating from HIT.
Alumni from various professional backgrounds within the tech industry were in attendance to deliver presentations and interact with current students. They shared valuable insights, advice, and lessons learned from their time at HIT and their subsequent careers.
In her opening remarks, the Acting Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology Mrs Rachel Chikoore, who was represented by the Chairperson of the Information Technology Department Engineer Tirivangani Magadza encouraged the students to participate, engage, and learn from our alumni.
Speaking at the end of the seminar, Mr David Fadaraliki, the Chairperson of the Computer Science Department, said the objective of the seminar was to have former students come back to interact with the current crop of students. “This event was aimed at creating a space for networking, mentorship, and knowledge exchange between alumni and current students, fostering a spirit of community and collaboration within the Computer Science Department.

Attendees had the opportunity to gain industry-specific knowledge, seek guidance on career development, and build connections with professionals in the field,” he said.

The lively discussions and presentations inspired and motivated current students, offering them a glimpse into the diverse career paths available in the tech industry. Several Computer Science Alumni made some presentations at this seminar. Evans Chikuni, a developer presented on the importance of continuous learning and professional development in the fast-paced tech industry, while Abigairl Chigwededza presented on gender issues in the computer science industry.

Other presentations were on the opportunities in telecoms dwelling on unified communications such as voice, video, chat, and presentation technologies, balancing work-life integration and maintaining mental well-being in a demanding field as well as tech entrepreneurship.

Commenting on the Computer Science – Alumni Connect Seminar, most of the students who attended the seminar said it was quite inspiring to learn so much about the journey travelled by the former students to the professional world as well as the opportunities available for career development in the tech industry. “It has been impactful for us as students, as some of us are completing our undergraduate degree studies very soon. So this seminar has been an inspiration for me to know how to stand out from the crowd and be the best in the industry and to prepare for the industry as well,” said Tatenda Alexio Shambare, a final-year computer science student.

By highlighting the achievements of alumni, the seminar highlighted the potential for success and growth that comes from pursuing studies in computer science at HIT. The Alumni Connect Seminar was a resounding success, reinforcing the strong bonds between past and present students within the Computer Science Department. HIT looks forward to hosting more events that support and empower its students to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape

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